_D8A5256+(1)The Teel Fan Method

by Victoria Teel  Sunday, November 12th, 10:00 am -12:00 pm.

Victoria will introduce a new method and variation on the ancientAsian-influenced prop,  flutter fan, in this workshop. Inspired by the breathless and elegance of Chinese silk, the Teel Fan method presents techniques & combinations used to create beautiful fan dancing. No prior experience with fan veil is required or necessary.


Power & Play: A Drum Solo Choreography

by Victoria Teel  Sunday, November 12th

Learn one of Victoria’s favorite drum solos that encompasses the contrast of strength and fun. This piece is filled with powerful technique mixed into playful combinations.


15085482_10209837797554954_3489953021719041440_n (1)Hipwork, Heels and Rebolas

by Lucianna Brussi  Saturday November 11th

Learn the rhythms of Brazil and move those hips in patterns complimentary to bellydance! Samba evolved in Rio de Janeiro by the early 20th century and grew to become the quintessential music and dance form associated with Rio’s carnaval. With its rich and syncopated rhythm and it’s often voluptuous dance moves, samba has circled the globe as one of the most infectious and popular styles from the South American continent. Heels optional!


Dancing with a Live Band

with Ishtar  Saturday November 11th

Ever want to dance with a live band but find yourself unsure of how to even begin? This is the workshop for you! Dancers will work directly with our competition band to learn the best way to follow musicians while entertaining the crowd! This is always a fun and dynamic workshop so register now and do not miss out!


18745102_10154327088827024_949988636_o.jpgRhythm & Raqs: Conversations with Your Drummer 

with Bryan Bowman of Ishtar  Saturday November 11th

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or still shaking in your skirt contemplating your first live drummer performance, this session is designed to give you practical tips and tricks when dealing with a live table player. From easy tricks to quickly identify rhythms on the fly, to communications between drummer and dancer, we’ll spend our time answering the questions you never get the chance to ask and dialogue about what a live performance feels like from both sides of the equation. Bryan Bowman currently plays with Pittsburgh’s own Ishtar bellydance band, and has performed up and down the east coast with dozens of major names in the dance world over the past decade. On doumbek, riq, or frame drum, he can point out the rhythm differences and cue techniques that will help you understand the conversation between dancer and drummer.


_CMP0351mThe Golden Age of Bellydance Movies- Featuring Egyptian Dancers or Were They?

By Amartia, Saturday, November 11th

Amartia will cover the combinations, styling and techniques inspired by the legendary Egyptian bellydancers….or were they? Our favorites such as Nagua Fouad , Katy, Samia brought in influences from their own cultures and created a niche hybrid of dance called Raks Sharqi.  Discover all of their secret pasts. Delve into the Lebanese, Tunisian, Syrian, Latina, Greek and Egyptian dancers whose movies and moves we love to watch. Learn how to blend their cultures (and yours) into a unique style of Raqs Sharki?

Amartia will also host our Fashion Show:  From the columned streets of Greece to the runways of New York, Cosmopolitan Costumes are not to be missed. Designed by Amartia, created by Maz Couture, these costumes are definitely Carrie Bradshaw worthy- well, any of the Raqs in the City crew! Don’t miss this decadent, sparkly, and sassy runway show!