A new beginning…

_D8A5256+(1)Hello Dearest Friends and Dance Family,

The Pittsburgh bellydance festival is celebrating it’s 7th birthday this year, how exciting! As with any creative endeavor, it constantly needs re-imagining, re-examination and critiquing in order to become something more than it’s former self. Just like us as dancers, events need to grow, mature and change as well.

In the last few years there have been some unfortunate events that have caused us to take a step back and re-evaluate our festival. We believe that some missteps may have been made that took us away from our roots and from the fun and educational environment that we had originally fostered. In order for us and our festival to grow into a better version of itself, we have corrected our course this year!

To that end, this year, we are recreating ourselves with new workshop instructors (Victoria Teel, Amartia, Bryan Bowman, and Ishtar), introducing a taste of international dance as a cross training tool and cultural experience (with samba queen Lucianna Brussi), and creating dynamic gala shows with live music and exceptional dancers.

For that added spunk and sparkle, we are organizing a choreographed fashion show, lectures and talks to round out the experience.

We hope that you see our changes and will visit us and see what we are about.  We may be small but we have a welcoming, warm and friendly environment!


Jen (Janim) and Luciana

PBFC 2017 Line-up

19401962_10154412580407105_4836474940616441334_oWe have an incredible line-up for you this year with a little something for everyone! Drum solos, rhythms for dancers, dancing with a live band, hipwork and heels – Brazilian style, vintage film discussions, and fashion and gala shows!

Sign up before August 31st to take advantage of huge savings!

Victoria Teel!

Have you seen her dramatic drum solos? Here is an example of what makes Victoria tick…incredible musicality, flawless technique and dynamic combos!

She will be teaching a drum solo workshop at this year’s festival! Sign up before August 31st to save on the early bird pricing!

Victoria Teel’s Fan Method

_D8A1732+(2).jpgWe are incredibly honored to be hosting Victoria Teel for our 2017 Pittsburgh Bellydance Festival. Victoria will be teaching her workshops on Sunday, beginning with her signature Fan Veil method. Here is a video of her fan veil performance highlighting her fluidity and grace! Register now to study with this master instructor!

Friday Night Fashion Show

Join us Friday, November 4th,  for our opening gala show and meet our Fashion Consultant, Amartia!


“Urban, Greco, Intelligent and Sassy”

In the world of bellydance, Amartia is known for her enthusiasm, her sass, her professionalism and lastly her costuming. From the couture to the urban flair, Amartia has earned herself the title “ The Carrie Bradshaw of Bellydance.” Audience members never know what they are going to get from Amartia, and in the best way possible.

Amartia has always been very specific about what she wants out of her costumes and each is specifically designed with a theme in mind. While they have a theme, her costumes are not Halloween party favors. They must maintain a level of quality and couture that anyone that catches her performances has come to expect. For that purpose, she has decided to collaborate on her own line, exclusively with Maz Couture. Maz understands Amartia’s vision and how important it is to her and the world of dance.

Amartia’s line, debuting in 2016, is the culmination of all of her designs with Maz. Her line not only encompasses her Carrie Bradshaw city CHIC self but also her Greek heritage. Far too often, the Hellenic heritage is borrowed, bartered, and stripped down without paying true homage to its roots. Amartia and Maz want to show the world that Greek style is more than just a Greek key design and a drape.

Amartia’s line with Maz is showcasing Greek culture as it is now: a blend of the past, present and the future.

Sunday’s PBFC15 Workshop Festival Line-up

Sunday’s festival line-up continues to sizzle with an incredible offering of national talent! We have workshops, a lunch lecture, vendors, competitions, and a closing awards ceremony and gala show! Here is a quick guide to what is available! Sign up now and don’t miss out!

  • 10:00 am Rosa Noreen teaching: Delicious Pauses for a drum solo vs. Delicious Pauses for a taqsim, creating stillness in movement.
  • 11:30 am Shopping time with our vendors!
  • 12:15 pm Lunch lecture with Fairuza: Silhouettes: Techniques you need to perfect your unique silhouette. This lecture will include the techniques you’ll need to create a character, embody the music and perfect your unique silhouette
  • 1:15 pm Recorded Music Competition begins
  • 3:00 pm Awards Ceremony and Stars Gala show begins!
  • THE END! SEE YOU IN 2016!

Saturday’s PBFC15 Workshop Festival Line-up

Saturday’s festival line-up packs in the punches with an incredible offering of regional talent! We have workshops, a lunch lecture, vendors, competitions, and a gala show! Here is a quick guide to what is available! Sign up now and don’t miss out!

  • 10:00 am Babette Soleil’s Jazz Fusion choreography and combos
  • 11:30 am Sherena’s Sizzling Cabaret Choreography
  • 1:00 pm Lunch lecture with Sherena
  • 2:00 pm Maria Hamer’s Slow and sultry Tribal Choreography workshop
  • 3:30 pm Ishtar and Fairuza present Dancing with a Live Band
  • 7:00 pm The Live Music competition and Stars Gala show begins!