2019 Festival…Surprise!

I have been on the fence about continuing the Pittsburgh Bellydance Festival. 2018 was a year off to focus on our new dance studio at Art in Motion Pittsburgh, my professional work, and time with my partner and daughter. However, sometimes the stars align and everything falls into place almost effortlessly.

2019 is that effortless event year it seems. While simply trying to plan a hafla with the talented Ishtar, the only free weekend we struck upon already featured the incredible Nneka Irobunda who is coming to our studio to teach her signature Afro-Beastiletto style. Nneka will be hosted by the Pittsburgh Samba Group and as we love Lucianna and her talented dancers, we thought, why not create some synergy around that workshop. VOILA! We will now feature workshops, photo sessions, and a gala show!

Friday begins at 6pm with Ishtar’s Dancing with a Live Band workshop. On Saturday, Nneka arrives to teach from 3-6:30pm followed by our gala and live music show on Saturday night at 8pm. On Sunday morning and afternoon, Sheri of Zikrayat Photography will lead mini photo sessions for dancers, and The Hip Art Collective will lead a Vintage Veil workshop at 10am!


Hope you will join us! You can register and see more info on this PAGE!


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