Meet Amartia!

Amartia adMeet Amartia, our fashion show director, workshop instructor and competition judge!

Amartia is an award-winning belly dancer although based out of Abingdon, has competed, performed and taught all around the United States. She prides herself on providing the most extravagant Entertainment in Baltimore.

How did she get started? Well, she stumbled upon belly dancing class at a local gym and has never looked back! Bellydance appealed to her not only as an art form but a way to stay in shape. Hence one spectator commenting, “…massive melodic muscles of the Mediterranean (aka killer abs).” Her style can be best described as Modern Egyptian/ Lebanese cabaret. However, given her Greek heritage and many years of training she has been able to combine those styles into her own form of fusion, Greco-Egyptian Cabaret.

She is a regular belly dancer at Bombay Nights, Sizzling Bombay, and Taste of Taj Indian Cuisine. She has also performed nationwide at Rakkasah West and East, at the Las Vegas Bellydance Intensive, at La Danse Oriental, at The Blue Monk, and at the Hawthorne in Oregon.  Amartia also makes time for local events such as the Lasos Day of Cultures and the Chesapeake North American Region Arc Gala.

Amartia is an award-winning bellydancer. She has traveled to compete all over the United States. She is the 2008 Jewel of the Nile and the first place winner for veil dance from Arabian Nights. More recently she was one of the 23 belly dancers chosen to compete in the first season of a reality web-show- Project bellydance! Amartia has also been featured in Fuse Magazine and was the July 2012 Bellydancer of the Month for Brandon’s Oasis

Our fashion show: From the columned streets of Greece to the runways of New York, Cosmopolitan Costumes are not to be missed. Designed by Amartia, created by Maz Couture, these costumes are definitely Carrie Bradshaw worthy- well, any of the Raqs in the City crew! Don’t miss this decadent, sparkly, and sassy runway show!


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