A new beginning…

_D8A5256+(1)Hello Dearest Friends and Dance Family,

The Pittsburgh bellydance festival is celebrating it’s 7th birthday this year, how exciting! As with any creative endeavor, it constantly needs re-imagining, re-examination and critiquing in order to become something more than it’s former self. Just like us as dancers, events need to grow, mature and change as well.

In the last few years there have been some unfortunate events that have caused us to take a step back and re-evaluate our festival. We believe that some missteps may have been made that took us away from our roots and from the fun and educational environment that we had originally fostered. In order for us and our festival to grow into a better version of itself, we have corrected our course this year!

To that end, this year, we are recreating ourselves with new workshop instructors (Victoria Teel, Amartia, Bryan Bowman, and Ishtar), introducing a taste of international dance as a cross training tool and cultural experience (with samba queen Lucianna Brussi), and creating dynamic gala shows with live music and exceptional dancers.

For that added spunk and sparkle, we are organizing a choreographed fashion show, lectures and talks to round out the experience.

We hope that you see our changes and will visit us and see what we are about.  We may be small but we have a welcoming, warm and friendly environment!


Jen (Janim) and Luciana


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