Meet Babette Soleil!

Babette SoleilMeet Babette Soleil  (the 2015 Sherena’s Shakedown Winner)
BIO: Babette has been dancing almost as long as she could walk. She has studied ballet, jazz and bellydance for 15 years and tap for 5 years. As a young dancer she was accepted into the prestigious Cuyahoga Valley Youth Ballet where she danced for 2 years and performed in their ballets “The Nutcracker” and “Snow White”. As a young teen she was awarded a full scholarship based on ability to the University of Akron’s Dance Institute where she studied for a year. She soon after moved to Love 2 Dance Studio in Fairlawn, Ohio. It was at Love 2 Dance that Babi met Andrea Love (the owner and director of Love 2 Dance) who saw her natural abilities and quickly took her on as a protege. Babi worked closely alongside with Andrea for 3 years, assisting her in class, helping around the studio and participating in her competitive dance company. As Babi began to develop her skills as an assistant teacher she found that she not only loves being in the dance studio, she also loves and excels in working with children. In 2012 Babi took the title “Princess of Raks” in the Rising Star division of the Cincinnatti Bellydance Competition and in 2013 she took 3rd place in the “So You Think You Can Bellydance” competition in Las Vegas, NV (where she was the only dancer under 18 years old). In 2014 Babi returned to the “So You Think You Can Bellydance” competition and took second place. She also recently placed 1st in the Professional category at “Sherena’s Shakedown” 2015! Babi spent her senior year in high school concentrating on bellydance as an instructor and a student at Dance du Soleil. Babette is known for her grace and balletic style that comes through in her bellydancing as well as her stage presence. She is very excited to be an instructor, judge, and performer at the Pittsburgh Bellydance Festival 2015!

Babette will be teaching: Jazz/Bellydance fusion

Learn a sassy and fun choreography incorporating Bellydance and jazz moves to a smooth Lana Del Ray song. Babette will lead students through a long warmup, and after that we’ll dive straight into choreography so we have as much time as possible to dance! Students should know that the choreography does include floor work, however Babette is prepared to offer modification to those who need it. Get ready to strut your stuff!

See Babette in action!



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