5 Days to go! Meet ISHTAR, our competition band!

With only 5 days left to the start of the PBFC 2014, I would like you to meet our competition band: ISHTAR!


Ishtar is Pittsburgh’s BellyRock Band. Ishtar is comprised of Melissa Murphey on clarinet, Jeff Chmielarski on electric bass, Ian Green on percussion, Julian Broughton on darbuka, and Ayleeza Quatrocchi on riq. Playing their own unique interpretation of Vintage Middle Eastern and Mediterranean folk melodies, Ishtar performs songs that were popular in the bellydancing nightclub scene during the mid-20th century. This exceptional fusion of traditional songs with surf rock elements has become: BellyRock. In 2008, Ishtar was voted as Pittsburgh’s Best Underground Band by the readers of the City Paper!

The winner of the Professional Live Music category will be teaching a workshop in conjunction with ISHTAR next year at the PBFC 2015!

Buy your tickets now to the Saturday Gala Show and watch this one of a kind Bellydance Competition to live music!


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