Meet Zobeida!

Zobeida Banner

Zobeida Ghattas (2013 Entertainer of the Year!) She is simply amazing to watch folks! Register now as a VIP and take this workshop! Zobeida is also the owner of Esme’s Closet so treat yourself to some sparkles!

Zobeida will be teaching VEIL DYNAMICS: how to incorporate emotion into a moving veil number, using the veil as a dramatic prop rather than just as a backdrop. Learn classic veil combos with a dramatic twist!

ZobeidaBIO: Zobeida Ghattas is a  classically trained belly dancer of Russian and Arabic origins. She began her extensive dance training with ballet at the age of five and moved on to study belly dance at the age of seven with several well-known teachers in NYC. She went on to work as a professional belly dancer at the age of 15 and quickly gained acclaim in both the local Middle Eastern community as well as the belly dance world. She has performed, produced and choreographed for five New Age Belly Dance showcases and has been featured in several trade videos, most notably in “The Royals of Belly Dance” and “The Art of Belly Dance.” She has also appeared in several short films and music videos. In addition, Zobeida has collaborated with numerous artists in stage shows around NYC and NJ and has worked with Venus Uprising and the Anahid Sofian Dance Company. As a teacher, she focuses on the many details and intricacies of belly dance technique, always ready with an astute observation which her students appreciate, pulling elements from classical ballet, modern dance and of course, belly dance.


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