Meet Nefertiti!!!

Nefertiti, founder of Jewels of the Orient Bellydance Festival 

Nefertiti bellydanceResiding in Delaware, Nefertiti is a professional belly dancer, instructor, performer, business owner and creator of Sambabelly Fitness. Nefertiti has been sharing for 20 years her passion and vision for the art of belly dancing by promoting dance through education and entertainment. Her style of dance is primarily Egyptian while keeping true to herself.  Nefertiti performances are described as powerful, energetic, mesmerizing and hypnotic. Some have referred to her as the “essence of belly dance as an entertainer.“

Nefertiti lived in Moquattam, Cairo for 4 years working as an performer and teacher in Egypt. She danced in Shahrzad in Cairo, for the Mayor of Luxor wedding party, cruise ships in Luxor and the American Embassy in Egypt for events and shows. While living in Cairo she learned Arabic and worked as general assistant to Asmahan of Cairo. She learned firsthand how to work with orchestras, costuming, arrangements of music and organizers. 2 years ago Nefertiti moved from Cairo back to Delaware. Since her return she has performed and taught with her signature style of powerful dancing and an authentic teacher.

Nefertiti is also an event organizer, producing family fun entertainment for the whole family. She has produced local hafla’s, intensives, workshops and festivals. Nefertiti most recent endeavor was the Jewels of the Orient Bellydance & Wellness Festival in Middletown, De. 

Nefertiti will be teaching: Leave the Good Girl At Home- Baladi Shabbi  

Learn & understand the dance of the people.  Baladi Shabbi Dance of the urban working class. Performed to pop or modern Egyptian music.  This workshop will introduce you to the technique, nuances and understanding of how to add Baladi Shabbi in your dance style while learning a fun and challenging chorography.  This class is hands on accompanied by a video good for all levels.


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