A Zill workshop note for you!

So for those of you who joined us Friday night for the opening workshop, here are a few of my notes for you!

264511_10153411229125613_169622728_nThe Zill Drill Breakdown: Music by Hossam Ramzy, ALA HESB WEDAD GALBI

1. Arms over head to begin: Hip ups, 8x right side, repeat left side – triples. Hip ups, 4x right side, 4x left side, repeat both sides – 3-2 pattern. Hip ups, 2x right side, 2x left side, repeat both sides – 3-4-3-3 pattern. Shimmy walk forward with triples. Vibrate in place, begin next section

2. Repeat entire drill with hip downs- arms one up, one down

3. Repeat entire drill with walking twists- arms one up, one out

4. 3 Hip drops- front, middle, back- constant triples, arms start back and moves forward repeat both sides

5. Hips over and back, moving sideways with triples, both sides. Hips over and back moving in circle over stationary foot.

Other patterns with combos. I give them all names because I try to emulate different styles of dancing, i.e. uplifted and elongate, earthy and grounded, etc:

The Sherena: Chasé to right then left (zill pattern 3-2), circle turn with arms starting above head and travel down to hips (zill pattern triplets). Repeat 1x. Hip forward 2x then hip back 2x (ZP 3-2), hip forward, back, forward (ZP triplets). Alternate sides, start back hip first.

The Jillina: (Because of the modified grapevine)- Baladi Zill Pattern with accents. Grape vine left, hip drops 2x. Grapevine right, 1 hip drop, roll up.

The Yamil: Baladi rhythm (filled). Facing right, left foot forward, hip circle starts forward, turn to face left on back of circle, sitting. Three step turn to rear, end facing front. Shoulder roll, hip hits to finish pattern. Repeat. Can also try with Hurricanes- 2 three step turns, hip horizontal circle, omi, reverse undulation up!

The Saida: (3-2, 3, 3, 3) Chase R, L, step turn forward, Chase R , L 3 step turn R . Basic egyptian RLR, turn to rear, shimmy rock step, hagalla around to front, hip bump R,t hen L. (ring click ring click) plie lunge, releve, L then R (3,3,3) 3 step turn. Plie lunge RL, 3 hip twists to RF corner. (3,7,3) zig zag drill upper body then lower body. Repeat chases…

ENJOY! If you have questions just holler!


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