Meet our Vendor: Silkdancer

Janim with Silkdancer's Peacock Veils!

Janim with Silkdancer’s Peacock Veils!

Silkdancer – your source for exquisite hand-dyed belly dance silks

All Silkdancer silks are one of a kind, hand-dyed by Shaula. As such, each piece will be as special and unique as you are. All silk items are produced from grade-A silk, the dyes used are known for their brilliance and light-fastness, and each product is steamed for 2-3 hours. Steaming the silk sets the dye, increases the brilliance of the color, enhances the sheen and allows the item to be dry-cleaned if necessary.

I am a HUGE fan of Silkdancer’s veils. I have quite a few and they are absolutely dreamy! They are vibrant, ethereal, and move with you, not against you!

Check her booth out at our Pittsburgh Bellydance Festival!



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