Meet one of our Vendors: Bellanova!


Meet Spiral, owner and operator of Bellanova: the curiously unusual or excitingly strange.

Sparkly finery, indeed!

I started creating jewelry as a way to cope with a terrible job. I needed to do something creative to get my mind off of horrible working conditions, and as a performer, I always needed jewelry.I originally had no intention of selling it, however a vending opportunity came my way in March of 2012, so I decided to give it a shot, especially since I had made more jewelry than any one person should reasonably have.

My first vending event was a huge success. Since that time, I’ve moved on to my own business, and have expanded my jewelry operation as well.

I’ve also created some new painting techniques that result in some very cool effects on metals.

The pieces I make are comprised of found objects, from every possible place you can imagine – deconstructed pieces, thrift stores, bead shops, etc – both vintage and new. Metal components are stripped, hand painted with different effects, and sealed. Pieces are then assembled, Swarovskis are added, and chains bedazzled with more Swarovskis.

Everything I make is one of a kind, usually because I can’t remember how I created the original.


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