Meet our lecturer- Karianne

Karianne with veils. Photo by Ryan Arrington

Karianne with veils. Photo by Ryan Arrington

Ethics in the Business of Bellydance: Whether you are  a seasoned professional or a fledgling dancer,  the question of community ethics is a topic to be discussed. Join Karianne as she opens the panel to the questions of professionalism, establishing proper rates, and the do’s and don’t of gigging. All questions are welcome!

Karianne will be presenting the Sunday breakfast lecture!

About Karianne: Since the age of 3, Karianne has experimented with many dance forms, but Belly Dance has been her true love. Known for her musicality and beautiful taxims, her dedication to the art can be seen through her unique stylization of the form.

Karianne has been studying since 1996, and teaching regularly since 2003. She attributes her skills to her teachers Christine Andrews,Olivia Kissel and Maria Hamer of Zafira Dance Company. She continues her education regularly with workshops, classes and private lessons with well-respected Belly Dancers locally and nationally.


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