Meet our Lecturer: Patricia Aya

Our Saturday morning brown bag breakfast lecture will be delivered by Patricia Aya of Peaceful Warrior Girl is excited to be a Ms Veteran America 2013 Finalist in Washington DC October 2013.

She will have you practice being comfortable with your physical power through thoughtful meditation and visualization, hands on techniques, and a demonstration of pepper spray.  She will bring you home safety equipment and ideas to safeguard your house.

DPP_0120Please welcome your fears and leave more confident and caring of yourself!

BIO: Inspired by her love to empower others, Patty began her career as a US Marine Officer and later a federal agent with the FBI.  Patty’s strong work ethic and search for work-life balance brought her to Oriental and Fusion dance in 2005.  In 2007, she created Peaceful Warrior Girl, Inc.  Her life experiences and continued education give her the knowledge to teach empowerment through the mind-body connection and exudes this as a performer, coach, and teacher.  She specializes in coaching, handgun training and dance workshops.

Patricia Aya will be presenting the Saturday morning, brown bag breakfast!


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